The inspiration to make something for the technological convenience of farmers was quite exciting and the field had only been partially explored. We decided to push the boundaries a bit more to integrate more technology into the farming culture.

What it does

AgNet serves as a virtual market for farmers to sell their goods, a real time climate condition tracker to keep the farmer informed about the weather at his fields and also serves as a professional networking tool within the farming community.

How we built it

All the information that we have used (farm data and location) was accessed and used through the Climate Corporation API. The virtual market for farmers was set up using the Microsoft Azure API which updates itself in real time to always the market up-to-date. Data Visualization Tools were used, integrated with Google Maps API to keep the farmers aware and prepared of the weather conditions surrounding their farms. The safety degree of weather conditions are open to interpretation and change using numerous variables of climate conditions to provide a more accurate output. We self generated an algorithm and color coded it green for favorable weather conditions and red for unfavorable weather conditions.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we into were to integrate data various API on a common platform. Also another challenge was to render data in real-time on the Google Map without causing data inefficiency or loss in other parts of the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of successfully implementing all the vital features of the app within 36 hours and also the potential for further development and improvisation of the idea into a more commercially viable App.

What's next for AgNet

Algorithm optimization to include more climate variables with a possible use of machine learning to better predict favorable and unfavorable weather conditions.

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