We wanted to eliminate the need to wear a lanyard around your home and find a consistent, easy way to confirm a patient's well-being without external assistance.

What it does

Uses the Amazon Echo to test patients for symptoms of dementia (by asking test questions based off Alzheimer's Association information) and alerts the patient's primary contact if the patient should consult a doctor.

Offers emergency services that call the patient's primary contact, can call 911, and walk patients through procedures to take in the instance of an emergency.

How I built it

Using Amazon's AWS API, Lambda Instance, Java, Twilio, Maven, DynamoDB, Launched and an Amazon Echo.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Maven to work with Echo and Twilio, getting the DynamoDB database to store and use data correctly, getting a domain name (that never worked)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is one of our team member's first hackathons, learning Launched, getting Twilio's API to work, rick rolling our friend using Echo

What I learned

We learned a lot about using git (a couple people hadn't used it before), Amazon Echo's Speechlet and Response Manager, Amazon Echo's Intent Schema and Sample Utterances format, Twilio's API and prank calling capabilities, and noSQL databases.

What's next for AgingWithEcho

Giving it more walkthrough tutorials, more quizzes, and expanding upon the suite of services for aging in place we started this weekend.

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