AgileConsent ( is the next generation Informed Consent for Surgery, implements an end-to-end electronic digital signature mobile solution to replace current consenting paper-based workflow in hospital departments in a swift, secure, and engaging manner.

From any EMR (ie: GE Centricity), care providers logs in and observe patient chart, AgileConsent can be launched passing patient's MRN, surgery code, etc to AgileConsent. Our solution will then generate dynamically the Consent form using our customized API to populate all needed data (e.g. patient name, procedure name, risk, benefit, alternatives, etc.). AgileConsent then will provide users the ability to capture the different signatures needed for the Consent to be completed and then automatically into the same patient chart.

•Efficient: Our software generates digital consent forms in a matter of seconds. This means less time spent on searching records, transmitting forms, and editing patient chart errors and more time spent on patient care.

•Compliant: Our solution is HIPAA/ HITECH compliant and is all digital, so no tampering with. We minimize medical malpractice cases by ensuring that consent forms are entered accurately and stored securely.

•Cost-effective: Our solution saves hospitals thousands of dollars annually. When patient consent forms are not acquired in a timely manner, patient wellness is jeopardized. Delays to care delivery, ineffective use of resources, and interruptions in the revenue cycle are very real issues that organizations can resolve with AgileConsent.

We are currently in production with a large hospital with multiple users case and Cerner EMR system. Our success at this hospital was based on successful initial pilot and proven ROI based on cost comparison per Consent before our deployment and after.

Currently this hospital utilizing AgileConsent solution in a daily bases at surgery centers and both patients and surgeons/ clinicians are very satisfied with the workflow.

We are interested to explore possibilities of integration into GE Centricity EMR. Our integration layer uses either APIs (like our current customer with Cerner) or HL7. Both are loosely coupling the integration of our solution to the EMR. As a first step of the implementation, we can build a POC with GE Centricity environment to show the solution end to end. We are happy to schedule a live demo and discuss more details.

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