Have you ever wondered what is so special in top-performing teams? I assure you that they weren't like this from day one.

Ten years of Spartez show that team excellence is always rooted in its ability to improve. No matter how good (or bad) it was at the beginning, top-performing teams improve week after week and sprint after sprint to challenge the status quo, and achieve ever-better results.

At the heart of every improvement is an honest retrospective. Do it well, and your team will excel. Do it wrong, and your will have nothing more just a bunch of people.

We've experimented with retrospectives a lot in Spartez. As a result of these experiments, we have a unique retrospective process that is involving for the team, enjoyable and - most importantly - one that leads to real improvements in the way our teams work.

Now we want to share our experience and tools with you.

What it does

Agile Retros is a JIRA Cloud implementation of our retrospective method. It's a fully collaborative tool that guides both collocated and distributed teams to real improvements. If you feel your team can do better then this is the right tool for you.

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