How We Did It

Our entire project including the Agile Rapid Delivery Team proposal design, fully functional web and mobile-enabled application examples, proposed Use Case architecture design and time/cost proposals were all conceived and built spending no more than 15 team hours "all in". Other than the "Product Owner" role ("Walter" aka Scott), no one on the team was familiar with the business requirements prior to the beginning of the exercise. This was deliberate so as to preserve the integrity of the exercise.

In this way we were able to fully and honestly validate the workability of the proposed delivery model. Since all requirements were documented, architected and built out during the 15-hour time spent working this effort, the entire team was able to say with confidence that the 'Agile Rapid Delivery Team' proposed model is a solid one that holds great promise for a much faster delivery capability, across a range of potential Use Cases (both Dev, and Ops).

The Goal

We wanted to select a historically intractable Ameren weakness/problem that has been left unsolved for years (decades?) due to either Ameren culture or perceived technology limitations (or both) - apply it to the proposed new delivery model - and then attempt to see if the new model could bring value in solving that issue using existing in-house talent and tools where Ameren has been unsuccessful in the past. We also wanted to validate the '90 days to production' rapid timescale and cost benefits for whatever Use Case we decided upon.

The Prototype

The prototype was actually much more than a traditional prototype (i.e., wireframes and screenshots). It was instead a fully functional web and mobile-ready application that actually was interrogating live Ameren (test ;)) data and true integration with various social media, including multimedia and LinkedIn integration for simplified applicant logistics.

The CAST (in no particular order)

Ryan Hawkins [ProBall Master] "Developer" -- Web/Mobile dev team role

Jason Davis [Jailbird Daddy] "Developer" -- Web/Mobile dev team role

Brian Aubuchon [Superfly API] "API guy" - SOA/API dev team role

Scott Christensen [Walter] "Tread Lightly" - dual product owner / SME tech architect team role

Brad Sullivan [Saul] "Better Call Saul" - dual analyst / QA team role, and Scrum Master role

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