We wanted to create a chat bot that would help run our Scrum Planning Poker sessions right in our Microsoft Teams meeting chat.

What it does

Scrum/SAFe Planning Poker - Eliminate Waste and Uncertainty!

Many modern IT departments and software development teams have adopted Scrum ("A lightweight software development framework") as their software development framework of choice. Our planning poker chatbot PKR™ allows teams to seamlessly use Microsoft Teams during their Sprint Planning to generate data-driven estimates that utilize both "level of effort" and "certainty". Equipped with the data, your Scrum Team will be able to quickly arrive at a consensus, generate process improvement data, and enjoy their planning experience.

In Short, PKR™ lets you:

  • Focus on the Work - Conduct estimates right inside of teams without alt+tab'ing all over or learning yet another SaaS tool
  • Utilize Data Driven Estimation - Develop more accurate velocity measurements using level of Effort and Certainty
  • Accelerate Agile/Scrum Adoption- Reduce the learning curve and cognitive burden of digital transformations ## How we built it Microsoft Bot Framework

Built With

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