Comparing size visually always works much better than just seeing pure numbers. Currently in JIRA Software the sprint backlog estimation process works like this:

  • Scrum Master clicks on a Story
  • Then it is become possible to put an estimation
  • Then Team can see estimated part backlog as numbers

In Agile Estimate add-on I've tried to improve the way how teams work with sprint backlog estimation.

What it does

Agile Estimate add-on opens a selected sprint backlog in dialog where all sprint backlog items have estimation slider. Moving slider left/right dynamically changes and saves estimation for that issue.

All estimations are visually represented in the estimation bar so that users have visual representation of the estimation size and can compare backlog stories with each other and adjust them easily.

Total number of issues in sprint and total estimation of all stories is also available.

Agile Estimate supports boards with both Story and Hours estimation types.

How we built it

Agile Estimate is built using React.

What we learned


What's next for Agile Estimate for JIRA

  • (update) version for JIRA Server has been already shipped

Built With

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Vasiliy Krokha posted an update

Just pushed some new features to production:

  • in addition to sprints backlog estimation is now supported too
  • issue keys are now links to issues in case you need to get more details
  • you can share your feedback or suggest a new feature via "feedback" button in header
  • you can create a support ticket in our servicedesk via "support" link in footer

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