What it does

With Agile Cards you can now easily print and maintain physical cards on your physical board with one of the tailored templates: compact cards, board cards or full-page cards. You can customize the look of the card by selecting which fields will be printed and change the size of elements for your specific needs. It works great for agile teams in day-to-day work, for printing vacation plans and to-do lists for everyday use.


  • Use one of the three ready-to-use templates: compact cards, board cards and full-page cards.
  • Customize which fields you want to print.
  • Resize the elements on the card.
  • Print your Trello cards to work with them on your physical boards.

Check out our demo board!


At Spartez we like to use physical cards as much as we can: during stand-ups, planning meetings and estimations, and we found out that many other teams share this feeling. Leaving your laptops at the desk, going offline and working with real cards increases engagement of team members and brings a new level of creativity to discussions. On the other hand, digital cards are much easier to organize, are invaluable for distributed teams, and make it much easier to keep track of related comments or attachements. That's why we think there's a need for an easy-to-use solution for printing cards. We already created Agile Cards for JIRA and Agile Cards for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services add-ons - we feel like Trello should have a Power-Up for printing too.

How I built it

The Power-up is purely client-side application and it doesn't require any back-end processing - all data is kept in Trello thanks to their Data API. The app is based on React & Redux combo, apart from that I used styled-components library for building the templates. The code is bundled with Webpack and hosted on Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

I faced a few hurdles regarding the Trello platform itself. The CSS that they provide for Power-ups is very basic, doesn't include things like windows, dropdown lists, etc., so I had to write all of it manually. There's also a lot of issues with printing web pages in general. Print features in web browsers are rather limited and inconsistent across different browsers, e.g. there's no reliable way to enforce margin size or color printing. Years of experience with similar products for JIRA and VSTS helped a little bit though ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of how easy to use the Power-up is. User can print a Trello card with literally two clicks, without any configuration, and get a physical card in a matter of seconds. At the same time all templates offer customization options that should cover most use cases.

What I learned

I learned how to build Power-ups for Trello and how to use their APIs. I was also very surprised to learn how much you can do in Trello without a single line of back-end code.

What's next for Agile Cards for Trello

Right now we're focused on getting as much feedback as we can from Trello users. We may introduce some features available in Agile Cards for JIRA, like flexible template designer and board scanner.

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