We are building solutions in Appian using agile methodology, but there is no way to manage those solution in Appian. To track those, organization needs to invest in different tracking tools which is a cause to increase the cost of solution.

What it does

Agile Board is project tracking application which will help you to manage the project deadline and gives you detailed report about different stages of project, also generate report for each sprint and send out to the project manager at the end of sprint. It will track the life-cycle of the user stories, defect and issues.

How we built it

We have build this application using Appian and Mysql

Challenges we ran into

Mapping the Associated task/Defect to the stories Movement of the task in Task Board Implementation of Burn down chart

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have implemented the complete tracking tool in minimal time-frame and covered all major functionalities.

What we learned

Customer Perspective while implementing solution Requirement Gathering Project Management - Decided scope, define deadlines.

What's next for Agile Board

Enhancement in Report, which can be more specific to users Scrum Facility Work on deadlines and deadline notifications to users

Please find below are the credentials provided for the test users on Appian trial environment (

  1. test.manager
  2. test.productOwner
  3. test.projectLead
  4. test.analyst Password for all the above user is appian@1

Built With

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