I wanted to learn python.

What it does

It plays the first few verses of the Aggie fight song.

How I built it

I typed it in eclipse, once I got it to work.

Challenges I ran into

I had to kept redownloading software because the wifi would cut out mid download. Also, I had downloaded python 3.5, and had set up eclipse accordingly. Then I downgraded to python 2.7 (which is more stable and has more support), which apparently messed up the path, which made python stop working entirely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There was an issue of a gap between each note, but I timed it to where it became part of the song and was, in my opinion, not noticeable.

What I learned

If you have a friend who's good at python, consult him/her BEFORE making huge changes like using an entirely different version of python AFTER you've finished a project.

What's next for AggieNotes

More scripts that are more intricate, and are hopefully done in linux.

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