Inspired by the 3D campus map on Howdy ,the PUBG mobile, and the aggie spirit!

What it does

The TAMU Sandbox is a VR simulator that will lead you in to the aggie land. You can check out all the building on our campus. In the future, users can even use our product to go through all the classrooms they will take classes in before the semester begin!

How we built it

we are a team that new to the unity and c#. After studying for the whole day, we made our game!

Challenges I ran into

We were literally new to everything, so we had to learn everything before we started our project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our beginner team built a game in one day!

What I learned

Unity, C#, and 3D model building.

What's next for Aggie_Map

VR mode, class search, parking place searching and more.

Built With

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