I realized the biggest thing any minority or marginalized group really needs representation and the best supportive representation is through art and social media. I drew this concept initially from the multitude of murals in the Houston city then pulled examples from other campuses and cities.

What it does

Murals depicting diversity and inclusivity allows for multiple things. First, representation is present and permanent. Second, it fosters discussion. And lastly, it allows those with the same values to rally, gather, and support each other for a more welcoming environment.

How I built it

Putting this plan into action, building it would require the designed art, paint material and location selection, and artist.

Challenges I ran into

  • CBE Council for Build Environment
  • Expensive Budget

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I found out the request through CBE has one specific form for Public Art and these murals would align with its mission and vision.

What I learned

Physical art has its place and power.

What's next for Aggie Murals

For at least one mural installation to happen!

Built With

  • paint
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