Aggie Honor Bot

An anti-cheating bot for GroupMe


Cheating is a rampant part of college in today's society. Group texts, in particular is an unfiltered medium where academic dishonesty is excessive. The problem with this issue is that any student in the chat is liable to be caught if someone else abuses the honor code. This bot in particular gives students a safe way to leave a group chat without impeding on their privacy to not be faced with the chance of being caught for cheating.

What we learned

We learned more in-depth specifics of Google Cloud, JavaScript and node.js. This was extremely helpful as these concepts are heavily used in today's society.

How we built it

Aggie Honor Bot has two main functionalities. First, a website to add the bot to groups and anonymously report messages as cheating. Second, a bot that listens for key words being used that would automatically be flagged as cheating. The website is a node.js server using the frameworks, express.js, pug.js, and bootstrap. This allowed us to create a back-end web server that will serve the web page. The bot is another node.js server that reads incoming messages from groups that Aggie Honor Bot is a part of and checks to see if a message could be flagged as cheating. These two servers are the heart of our application.

Challenges we faced

The biggest challenge we faced was deploying our website on the Google Cloud SDK along with working with the GroupMe API

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