Our inspiration for this project came from the crime alert emails. We realized that not many people know about the corps service or have quick access to emergency contacts. So we decided to create an app that easily does both.

What it does

This website app allows users to contact police, corps escort, and someone they are close to under emergency conditions. It is quite easy to use: it has 3 buttons, the 'police' and 'corps escort' button calls them respectively and the 'notify my person' button texts the indicated recipient an alert message and a link to their exact location. The user can complete a call or message by one click, and then wait for help, or think about how to get rid of the current situation. ***We recommend using this app on your mobile phone instead of your desktop and that you need to have your location services turned on for your browser, for this app to work.

How we built it

Basically, with HTTP and Javascript, since it is a website: -> HTML (adding elements for the application, buttons, etc. -> CSS (adding styling for each element defined in the HTML file -> Javascript (adding functionality when HTML elements are clicked

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, we lost a team member so that was discouraging initially. We also had a hard time finding the proper link to use for the google maps function in our program. It took a lot of trial and error but we were able to figure it out eventually.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us have ever used HTML before so we are proud of the progress we made in these 24 hours. When we finally got the text messaging system to work properly we felt ecstatic.

What we learned

When learned the basics of coding in HTML and javascript and we now know how to create a website from scratch.

What's next for Aggie Alert

We will program it into an Android and IOS frame, and make it an application that is more compatible with the phone

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