We’ve all seen the devastating effects of falls on older adults – injury, social isolation and too often loss of life. There is an epidemic of falls affecting one in three elderly people but this situation could be significantly improved with early detection and intervention to prevent falls before they happen.

What it does

The Equilibrium platform acquires sensor data from wearables and mobile devices, analyzes in the cloud and then reports to help prevent falls with timely information. Our hackathon project has laid the groundwork for a voice interface with devices such as the Amazon Echo to make it as easy as possible for older adults to access information on their fall risk factors and how to reduce their fall risk. The goal is to allow a user to ask for their fall risk and then enter into a triage-type dialogue with the voice interface in order to address any potential risk factors through suggested actions on the user’s part.

How we built it

We used a shared Google doc with the outline feature to build the business rules (indents are used for pseudocode). We charted sample Equilibrium Scores (EQ) using Highcharts. We began implementing Artificial intelligence in API.AI.

Challenges we ran into

We are considering the challenge of the user experience, and how to make it interesting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have established the business rules and scripts (English dialog scripts) for developers to implement a voice interface to triage fall risk by seniors. The scripts are a decision tree of if-then questions, to be implemented with Amazon Echo.

What we learned

There are useful tools such as which will enable the technology

What's next for Agewell's Revolutionary Fall Prevention Platform

Phase 2: Conduct focus group to evaluate product features, benefits and business model

Phase 3: Incorporate logic and stored data into language interface device such as the Amazon Echo

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