One of the major sources, which bring the idea of a watch which can do more than showing time into the world, is some science fiction and detective movies. Last couple of decades, we have seen many movies with secret agent and detective characters who use smart watches as a spying and secrete communication tool. With Samsung Gear, we have a powerful smart watch which can do even more than the ones we have seen in movies and it’s a general purpose smart watch. But we can use the power of software to turn this powerful small device into an essential tool of secret agents. Agent Toolkit app is designed for that purpose and it includes set of important tools which agents and detectives can use in their operations.

Not like other utility apps, Agent Toolkit is designed as clock widget app and the agent need to select that clock face from the Gear settings menu before he/she is going to any operation. Apparently, there is no any difference between default gear digital watch face with black background and Agent Toolkit watch face. However, the agent can secretly use touch gestures on the watch face to control provided functions of the app. Still there is no change can be visible on the screen, instead the app provide vibration patterns to make indications to the user. Because of this unique nature of Agent Toolkit, even people who are near to the agent cannot notice what he/she is actually doing.

Currently, Agent toolkit has two tools for record voice and take photos. To start recording, the agent just needs to double tap of the screen. The app starts to record any conversation around and indicate that to the user with one small vibration. This recording is done as 2 minute clips and the app indicate starting of every clip with a small vibration. This is helpful to the agent to remind that recording is on and he can double tap again to stop recording. To take a photo, the agent can tap and hold on the screen. The app gives short vibration as soon as it understand the gesture and take a photo from Gear camera. Again it indicates the success of the operation after taking the photo, with a small vibration. In any erroneous situation such as storage limitation, Agent Toolkit indicates that to user with two vibrations following each other. Additionally, it has settings menu which can access with triple tap on watch. The user can access to all recordings and photos by connecting gear to computer and all files are named based on date and time.

As you also may be thinking right now, this simple idea can be extended further. So future versions of Agent Toolkit will have more features as follows with Android host side app.

1.Video recording 2.Photo sequence feature 3.Hand gesture based control (even work when the screen is off) 4.Monitoring the agent from remote location (voice, Geo location, moving speed, heart rate) 5.More settings and customize gestures with the Android app 6.Remote alarm and more

NOTE: This application is implemented and tested only using tizen wearable SDK emulator. So some function might be slightly different in an actual device.

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