Sophisticated investors have evolving needs. An investor might be long WBTC when their thesis changes and they want to go short. An investor might be long sBTC when one of their LPs tells them their fund contract requires collateralized rather than synthetic crypto investments. An investor might be holding cDai, earning interest until they're ready to get back into WBTC at a moment's notice.

There are many possible permutations. But today, an investor would have to visit several UIs and touch several protocols in order to reposition themselves accordingly.

What Agent Flip does

Agent Flip is a DeFi trading bridge between protocols. Our first supported asset is BTC. In one contract call, an investor can conveniently reposition, leveraging the power of five different trading protocols at once.

We use:

  • Kyber
  • Synthetix
  • Compound
  • Uniswap
  • bZx (WIP)

Our first supported asset is BTC/WBTC.

Agent Flip was built entirely during the hackathon period.

A Couple Notes on Usage

You may have to reload the page after running transactions. UI is still under development.

For flip functionality to work, MAKE SURE YOU'VE ENTERED:

  • an input asset
  • an output asset
  • an input amount

before initiating the Flip.

Try small amounts to start (like 0.01 ETH) and make sure you have enough input balance.

We've found that Chrome has been working best.

Some core features

  • ETH<=>WBTC trading via Kyber
  • Atomic trading of ETH<=>sBTC/iBTC Synthetix synths, via ETH<=>sETH Uniswap pool deployed on Ropsten for this project


What's next for Agent Flip

  • Finish remaining protocol integrations
  • Refactor contract code to make platform more extensible
  • Add supported assets

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