With technology all around us, I feel that we are becoming more and more disconnected in society. I wanted to make something that would connect us all together again. Whether it be something small like saying hello to everyone you pass or doing something courageous like motivating someone to do something amazing.

What it does

The user becomes a special agent called Agent Do Good with one goal. To do good. They will be given 'missions' (daily tasks of good deeds and acts of kindness) where they will need to complete by the end of the day. If they successfully complete these missions, they will earn a badge. The aim of the skill is to earn 12 badges to get promoted to the next level. The highest level is level 12. If the user is late or fails a mission by not completing it on time, they lose a badge and can get demoted back down.

How I built it

I used the alexa sdk to build this skill in Node.JS

Challenges I ran into

The challenge was testing. As this was a daily task. I had to keep amending the times so I could check that every use case was working properly. Also, I didn't have much time to build the skill as I am off to do some charity work myself (ironic). Furthermore, I knew a barrier would be working with UTC timezone as I want to give the user a realistic deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite the tight time frame I had, I am so proud that I have made a skill that can put smiles on people's faces. I am hoping that people will feel more confident and be able to engage with their surroundings and build more relationships.

What I learned

I have gained more confidence in working with the ask-v2 as I was so used to working with ask-v1 so it was nice to code with ask-v2

What's next for Agent Do Good

I hope to take advantage of the new settings api just launched so I can get the users real-time zone and give them a better user experience by providing flexible deadlines.

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