Inspiration Ever forgot to write down your math homework for the weekend, and late on a Sunday night, find yourself scrambling to post on Facebook asking for it, hoping that someone will respond? Tried to organize a group Skype call, but someone’s mic doesn’t work, or someone’s video chat isn’t enabled? Well, the solution is right in front of your eyes; AgendaPlus.

AgendaPlus serves as a social hub for connecting with classmates and peers. Our app offers 4 main functions as of now, although far more will be added as development continues. You can write notes on a private Notepad, create a Class and add classmates, chat and message members of each of your classes, and set reminders for events on a Calendar.

What it does Social hub for students

How we built it We used Android and Java.

Challenges we ran into Working with Firebase's Realtime Database

Accomplishments that we're proud of N/A

What we learned Creating files in android, switching activities, UI.

What's next for AgendaPlus Launching on Google Play store

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