Our inspiration came from the constant use of Discord in our specific programs of study. As online learning has progressed, Discord has become our main way of communicating with new peers and old friends. As such, we wanted to create an application that could help with our daily studies and social life by organizing our deadlines and events into a neater format. We've noticed that peers in our discord servers have often unsure of upcoming due dates and events in our respective programs. Agendabot provides an easy solution to this problem, on one of the most popular social platforms in the world.

What it does

AgendaBot is a discord bot that helps with organizing day-to-day tasks. University students can store deadlines for academic work based on course and due date to help keep them up to date. Events can be stored by name, description and start date to keep students up to date on when they can meet new friends, and relax during the stressful academic term. Agenda bot can add, clear, remove and list deadlines/events based on individual databases we have created.

How we built it

Using Mysql and the discord api, we were able to integrate database modification functions into a discord bot that could receive commands from users in a discord server.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our challenges came from learning the technologies needed in this project. In our case, this was mainly understanding the discord api documentation, and learning how to work with databases efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the U.I of our end product. We believe our discord bot outputs aesthetically pleasing messages for users to read, so that not only is AgendaBot useful, it also has a nice front end for viewers to use. In general, the fact that we were able to create a project based on major new technologies in such a short period of time is something to be proud of. Especially since we live in Canada, and lost many hours due to the time zone difference from GMT to EST. One of our members was also introduced to the python programming language during this hackathon, and we are very proud of how fast he was able to pickup and use the language.

What we learned

General python usage (i.e async functions), Discord API implementation, Mysql database functionality.

What's next for AgendaBot

A more responsive front end (such as maybe a web application to provide users another way to interact with the bot), more functionality (such as visual calendar output), and server hosting for faster bot response time and constant runtime.

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