As professionals who work in the technology space - more specifically the big data and analytics sector, it was our intention to find a gap in the aged care market that leveraged our specific expertise.

During the first weekend of the InnovAGE Hackathon, we were able to meet with key Aged Care sector experts to help shape our understanding of where pain points exist in the industry. From this we found two key areas where our expertise can support the Aged Care industry.

We have developed a prototype app delivered via a mobile device (in this case the Apple iPad) that addresses two core functions.

The first function is designed to assist a facility’s operational staff (nurses/carers) in streamlining their daily administrative duties (form completion and submission) thereby improving what is traditionally a manual, inefficient process and enabling the operational staff to focus on what they do best – care for aged residents. Within our prototype, we focused on the ACFI form generation and how this can be analysed for increased subsidy/care planning based on resident needs. It is intended that the same capture and analysis function can be introduced for functions such as Advance Care Plans and Medicare Charts/History.

The second function is focused on the aged care industry as a whole where it is intended that this app will be the conduit for information consumption for all aged care stakeholders whereby the underlying aged care platform will be fully integrated with provider, consultant, government and peak body systems enabling a complete 360-view of the aged care industry for all identified participants. Within our prototype, we included some of the typical facility managed reports that could be typically obtained through existing aged care technology partners – where these can be simply consumed in a single, consolidated interface. Further value-added capabilities that can be derived from a 360-view of the aged care industry include comprehensive benchmarking and advanced analytical insights that cannot be ordinarily derived from a subset of aged care data.

Our target user is anyone who is an active participant in the Age Care industry – from peak regulatory bodies, providers, cohorts, consultants, residents and their families and the government.

The feature that we are most proud of is the ability to incorporate a technology solution using modern platforms such mobile devices (tablet/iPad) and cloud deployment techniques. This enabled a rapid deployment of a working prototype and this very model will ensure a fast time-to-market for a complete working solution. From a commercial standpoint this solution can be deployed at a relatively low cost based on a total aged care community commitment/buy-in through a subscription delivery mechanism.

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