What is elderly independence and how is it connected to loneliness? It is estimated that in 2040 there will be 4.7 million elderly in Holland. This will be more than one fourth of the total population. Our solution is creating an elderly-friendly social platform to improve our healthcare system. Thereby empowering elderly and giving them back their self-confidence and purpose in society. This system will hopefully encourage elderly to create communities and inspire each other to go on new adventures through our elderly focused platform.

Research has shown that elderly who retire on a later age maintain their independence longer by staying mentally and physically active. Furthermore retired elderly will usually lose social interaction and thus their drive to stay active which gradually worsens their overall health.

By connecting them with less independent elderly they are able to exchange their own needs and help each other to create a sense of purpose on both sides. This will hopefully create new friendships which drives them to be more physically, mentally and socially active in life.

To incentivize people to provide healthcare on our platform they can work towards their own healthcare by donating their time to others. For example, lets say someone is helping out for 10 hours each week. These 10 hours will be verified and credited to the person helping out. By the time they are in need of healthcare, they can request and exchange it within our platform. This will hopefully motivate people to donate their time because eventually they will get it back when they need it.

Explanatory cartoon: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/dBfmh2KaIYQ/?mode=movie

Mock-up app concept: https://pr.to/RC5YEY/

See the flowchart of our platform in the attachments for further information. Thank you for reading!

Lin Mang Liu, Chee Wai Liu, Vincent Repko

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