Usually whenever a website asks user its age, most of underaged users fake their date of birth. We tried to introduce quick, efficient and affordable system to keep them away from restricted/ 18+ sites from them, if they try to open it. This project could be useful for government agencies, big tech companies to make sure who is its 'actual' user!

What it does

It uses the webcam of the user to identify gender and age of the user to make sure the user is actually the same person as mentioned and maybe this idea can replace I am not a Robot captcha requirements.

How we built it

We used OpenCV for the machine learning and python as basic code language

Challenges we ran into

First time trying Machine Learning project as a High School student.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First attempt to make a project using Machine Learning

What we learned

Team Work and got a closer view of the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence!

What's next for Care4Underage

Improve the user experience and try our best to make it a real world application.

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