Coined from two South-Western Nigerian (Yoruba) words, Agbaye and Ala respectively meaning World and Dream, Agbayala, literally meaning Dreamworld, is a web application designed to fulfil the purpose of gathering information and making it available from a single source.


Created by a young adult, Agbayala was inspired from the troubles people pass through to get any type of information. Ranging from the different searches and time taken in finding an information, it is a tedious process. But, Agbayala is hoped to curb all of those.

What it does

Agbayala is a web application made to contain the exact links to a particular information. For instance, the footer of the Agbayala website has been categorised to aid its users get to the right information they are searching for (e.g. how-tos, e-learning courses, news, etcetera).

How I built it

I built it using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. I went through various websites and web templates, checked up their back-ends and front-ends, and the formats in which they all were created. I used those as the bases for my website. I had the UI/UX designs formulated through Figma before they were finally coded out into the IDE. I took a few lessons also from W3Schools to get familiar with CSS.

Additional Information

I built two other sites for the About, Gallery and Login/Sign Up Forms section to enable the entire project be considered as fully finished.

Challenges I ran into

In the coding/programming aspects, I had issues effectively building the buttons sections due to link placements and also in the social media buttons (but W3Schools helped me afterwards.)

As for the other parts, getting the appropriate and most-used links by people was very difficult. I had to read up on articles and blogs to ensure I got the right links to the right information for Agbayala's users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There are major things I am excited and proud of, irrespective of the position my project lands in this hackathon.

The first being, the opportunity I had in coming up with an idea, building and hosting it by myself with necessary helps from my mentors on Discord, (Mr Sreekaran Srinath) and Ms Tianna Homer (@tiannahomer#6604), and a few website templates from and

The second was my ability to have communicated with various tech-related personnel for this project.

But most of all, I am so proud of being able to finally create a great website fully without a builder.

P.S.: I am not sure if this is relevant. But I am glad of being able to have effectively participated in a hackathon even with the difference in timezones.

What I learned

Well, I learned a lot actually but that's part of the process. I learned:

1) to code in HTML/CSS a great deal - I usually code in Python. 2) to familiarise myself with basic functions and classes in HTML and CSS styles. 3) a lot of new topics when I was researching on quality websites. 4) to manage time between my various daily activities.

What's next for Agbayala

Honestly, it'd be to make it into an application. Most users nowadays prefer the easy install an application and use - so yes, that'd be the first.

The next would be to create a type of AI, ML or a program that can help gather more information as they come in daily. It'd be easier to merge them all into the site and would make the site (or application) more current and up-to-date.


My appreciation goes to my family and school and its management for being there for me all through the entire time of the project and hackathon. Also to all the MLHers for organising this hackathon which brought about the origination of this idea.

About the Creator

Hi! My name is Aisha Olanrewaju, the sole creator of Agbayala. I am an undergraduate student of Summer Rain College, Lagos, Nigeria. During my leisure, I prefer to read a book (Arabic, Korean, or English), learn a new talent, discover something exciting and new, or just catch up on that particular film series. I own a personal blog at WordPress and a shared project, called Hue Lufu.

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