Controls : Mouse - Follow Space - Launch Self C - Randomize Color


To be able to recreate a simple, but yet very addicting game

What it does

A 360 2D Scroller with the goal of becoming the biggest cell by capturing other cells

How I built it

Using Unity's Javascript, we were able to use its properties to build objects, circles, and interactions between objects.

Challenges I ran into

Camera usage on multiple objects, 360 Projectile Trig. Calculations, syntax, and multiple scenes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to understand the complexity of mathematical and logical thinking withing creating a game

What I learned

How to use the general functions within unity including creating objects, force and speed manipulation, joining objects together, and applying GUI's.

What's next for Remade

Multiplayer and modifications that would make it different from the original

Built With

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