We were inspired to build this app after noticing there weren't many alarms on the App Store that supported Apple Watch in full functionality.

What it does

Stores alarms that can be called from the phone once completed. The app also sends notifications to the Apple Watch.

How we built it

We utilized XCode for our native iOS project and watchOS project, and Git for source control.

Challenges we ran into

Converting hours and minutes using certain components was a challenge, as was the use of Git. Trying to pick up on Swift after recently learning it was also a heavy roadblock

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI and some of our streamlined code are what we feel we accomplished best in this project.

What we learned

Development in Swift and in Xcode is incredibly vast and intriguing, but also incredibly deep. Having known Git and Swift a bit better prior to this hackathon would have helped, as well as having more time. It was an incredible experience though.

What's next for AGA Alarm

We may tune up and continue the application and add to its functionality in the future.

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