HACK THE PAST, agriculture is the first level of economics and ag tech was proposed few years ago but without many implementations. Now farmer can use our app to better manage their products. Yeh, they can even get suggestion from our app in the future. Btw, agriculture is an old industry and technology today is quite new! HACK THE PAST!! :)

What it does

Help generalize report about whether forecast and rainfall situation. We can analyze the future environment conditions, including temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, etc. We provide super cool and beautiful data visualization about the information we present. Our app in the future can be equiped with advanced machine learning algorithms and huge database to give advice based on the whether and some other conditions, in order to give advice about what is the ideal combination of illumination and oxygen concentration, etc. in a greenhouse, but also prediction about harvest time and unit price for the products. (Yes, the predition about market is also based on machine learning technique). Also it will keep track of activities by farmers and system itself, and provides a simple to do list.

How we built it

We built a web app, to visualize the data we fetch from the Internet (with web crawler implemented with python), present the sugguestion about farming and greenhouse management. We use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and lots of API like Google Chart, AngularJS to make our amazing website.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes got stuck in some usage of API and how to organize the data we have in order to improve user experience and better help user to farm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's Marc's first Hackathon outside of Canada and Eric's first Hackathon! We made it! Also we are really proud of our cool and beautiful website. We can believe what we have made in the last 30 hours.

What we learned

  1. How to cooperate with teammates, which is really important! In such a short time, good communication and cooperation are the key to eventual success.
  2. How to design user interface and improve user experience, how to consider the experience of a user from user's perspective.

What's next for AG Future

Map our app to some hardwares like some sensors that detect the environment conditions, or some drones that can carry cameras to give a closer look at the farms (even when the manager or farmer is not closed to the farm). Also we want it to equip with powerful machine learning techniques so that we can give feedbacks about current conditions and give advice and suggestions for future improvement. Besides, for new farmer with less experiment, our app will give him/her enough information and advice telling him what may be right and what may be harmful to the crops, and more importantly all the info is presented in a user-friendly way. Moreover, besides from giving advice about when to harvest, we can give advice about when is the best period to sell their products and how long it may last, with what price they sell can get most profit.

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