The Kenyan goverment through the leadership of first lady launched the beyond Zero campaign,to reduce the rate of maternal deaths in kenya.These clinics have been deployed in most remote rurals in kenya.

What it does

we map data and give to beyond Zero campang to help them optimize their operations and logistics

How I built it

using USSD short code,route sms-java with node js and used html,css and angular to developed database

Challenges I ran into

geting the information sms code and testing we dint have more information and we had to ask alot of people

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the system is up and running within 20 hrs and tested with several team members

What I learned

team work collaboration and also our team learnt to horn skills in Heroku and USSD

What's next for Afya Mama Application

Reach out to foundations and NGOS to raise grants to roll out the application in the whole of EAST AFRICA

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