Crowd management is hectic, Afwaj makes it simple

What it is

Afwaj is a crowd management system that serves three verticals

Vertical1: Hajj organizing authorities:

  • Easy digital manifest handling for groups at every immigration point
  • Complete monitoring on pilgrims movements and traffic areas
  • One-click emergency requests (with complete health and status profile and location of person in need of help)
  • Traffic reduction at train stations (via group time slot bookings)
  • Reduction of illegal peligrams that don't exit after Hajj season
  • Direct notification system to guide peligrims away from blocked areas and emergency scenarios

Vertical2: Hajj Contractors

  • Easy digital manifest handling
  • Find lost peligrims
  • Book Train seats to reduce waiting time
  • Guide peligrims to contractor's Mina, Arafat, and Mecca accommodations
  • Communication and Notification system between contractors and their peligrims

Vertical3: Peligrims

  • Traffic map (help them avoid high traffic areas)
  • Navigation system to their contractor accommodation in Mina, Arafat and Mecca
  • Communication and Notification system With contractor
  • One-click emergency request

How we built it

Afwaj system is built with multiple technologies based on the requirements. Swift and Java are used for the interface peligrims and contractors App Laravel, google-cloud-sql, firebase realtime database and firebase cloud functions used for the backend system, Admin, and Authorities access and control

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of crystalizing and implementing this kind of complicated solution "Development wise" with such an easy UI/UX withing less than 48 hours.

What we learned

We learned how rich the opportunities "Challenges" are in Hajj Season that can be solved and monetized to creave huge value to peligrims, Hajj authorities and Saudi economy to make the dream of 2030 come true earlier than planned.

What's next for Afwaj

Continue business development and technology upgrade to provide more crowd management services and provide AI driven statistics and analytics to the authorities to pin point issues and problem in the current crowd management strategies and help mitigate them.

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