Afterburn is tool for tracking progress of Trello projects.


Rails 3

You can mount Afterburn on a subpath in your existing Rails 3 app adding this to routes.rb:

mount Afterburn::Server => "/afterburn"


  • Better graph?
  • Display Lead Time (LT), where LT is the time that has passed between a given number of cards (features) in WIP take to reach COMPLETED
  • Display Throughput, where throughput is the number of cards that reach COMPLETED within the given interval
  • Display Cycle Time (CT), where CT is the amount of time it take to complete a card; CT is the inverse of Throughput
  • Display WIP Total (WT), where WT is the total number of cards in progress at a given time
  • Display Arrival Rate (AR), where AR is the number of cards that move from Backlog to WIP in a given interval; this informs Little's Law, where WIP = Arrival Rate * Lead Time

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