You may be tired But we’re almost through But I something I’d like to pitch to you The challenge is hacking and security To teach Black student these things for free To empower students with skills and learning To give them and lessons they been yearning An also showing the inventors and engineers That look like them and have always been here. To give them great knowledge and stories with depth We created the program AFROCTF

What it does

Teaches students very beginner-friendly skills around cybersecurity, privacy, and ethics. Also, gives students information about diversity in these fields and links them to more resources

How we built it

We created a team, two devs and two teachers And works really hard to develop the features Not only to create an engaging game, We built in TEKs so it wouldn't be a PAIN The four C’s of learning, we are building ability critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Using Cyber security queries to determining the winners, SOcial Emotional Learning Questioning kids with ethical dilemmas, Teachers need only a computer and access to online Students can work through the intricate mine Teachers can push students through skills they lag, All to show off and Capture That Flag

Challenges we ran into

Getting the cross-site scripting challenge to work

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing our desired goal for the weekend, creating a lesson plan for teachers to use the skills, and creating a resource that hopefully engages more Black students with cybersecurity!

What we learned

front-end development, designing an activity accessible to students, and creating engaging activities for students to enjoy

What's next for AfroCTF

Letting people play the activity and provide feedback, collaborating with teachers, educators, and curriculum specialists to introduce the activity in the local Austin area

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