We are solving the problem by taking responsibilities and helping by educating the masses on HOW TO use the technology (how to use the 3G provided by the telcos like airtel and how to use the websites made available for free to them by the

How it works

We are going to provide a training program with certifications at each level of completion. Course 1: Smartphones and Internet Beginner level (Teach people how to use the phone) Intermediate level (Teach people how to connect the phone to the internet and start browsing) Advanced level (how to use the internet to do research for example) Course 2 : Innitiative Beginner level : Introduction to (Visit popular websites for free when you go through on Airtel) Intermediate level : Introduction to the use of these powerful websites (facebook, google, wikipedia etc…) Advanced level : How to use the internet to empower life (how to use facebook to promote your business, how to use google to get information and then how to advertise your product) Additional courses will be available through our mobile website and our application with online certificate available at each level of completion Duration : Each course will run for a period of two to three weeks

Challenges I ran into

Internet, Power

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to bring education on technology to the masses

What I learned

I learned how to build a business plan


Our next steps are the registration of our organisation with the authorities, putting on paper the structural organistation of our group (contracts), before we start the pilot phase and going out there.

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