Stars of Africa is a tribute to the continent which has been the birthplace of life and civilization. The beauty and the rich history of Africa consists of many stories untold or unknown to the bigger global population. Stars of Africa wants to highlight the African continent by telling its history and culture. We are launching an #NFT collection representing a good collection of Africans best and most famous, we will share details and background stories. We are the African Stars!

What it does

We built a community of turu warriors with a connection to the African continent and culture, who are helping to spread the gospel of Africa to the world and who together with the wider TuruGlobal team will support local communities using crypto (TRON) as one of our key tools. We have a Africa Stars NFT collection minting key people, artifacts or event of the African Continent into the blockchain to store these for future generations. We will provide incentives to holders of these NFT's to generate some passive income. Besides this we are integrating our Turu Angels charity NFT fundraising initiative to raise funds supporting African communities in the 7 different charity sections represented by our 7 Angels

How we built it

The core of the African Stars is our website, which we want to help grow into a documented testimony to the history and current culture of the African continent. This will be build and maintained by the community, where TuruGlobal creates the infrastructure and maintenance to do so.

Challenges we ran into

One of the surprising challenges was to find proper charities which are close enough to the people and which do not roam lots of funds to manage the charity. Finding a local Turu warrior community in Africa was instrumental to find charities close to the people

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have started three initiatives together with our team in Africa:

  • Three Archdeaconry Choir (TAC) Lagos supporting the local community
  • Cryptoschool in Ghana for free crypto education using Tron and TuruGlobal ecosystem as a base
  • Talented Minds Music School in Ghana for free music education to the poorer community

What we learned

When you have build a solid community of supporters, the sky is the limit

What's next for Africa Stars

Launch the Turu Angels NFT project as a fundraiser for charity. The Africa Stars NFT have been launched to bring awareness to Africa and the website has been constructed and is receiving trafffic. We have set up cooperations with charities and content providers for our website. We will continue to build the range of charities supported through Turu Angels.

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posted an update

Hey AfricaStars community,

We have good news for bringing content to StarPedia

"Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give"

Listening to our community input and opinions while taking about a potential AfricaStars token, we have decided to use $BBT token as a means to support content providers for the StarPedia section of our website.

We will discuss details seperately in a medium article but the basics are that we want to target content for specific African Countries and we will ask the wider community to submit content with a minimum amount of words and accompanied with pictures. We will use part of our prize money to buy $BBT to provide to content providers.

This will bring the following impacts:

Increased volume of $BBT Increasing $BBT holders Content for StarPedia Introduce new people to TRON With this initiative we try to contribute our efforts to adoption of TRON, exposure of African culture and increase of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.

StayTuru #StarPedia #AfricaStars

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