Aframe + Node Red

NYC WebVR Hackathon 2.0 Project

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Using Aframe + Node Red, users can perform many actions such as: Interacting with IBM Waston Conversation to generate shapes, Getting Anyone's Tweets, and Perform Personality Insights on someone Tweets


To Generate a Shape

  • I want a shape || I want to create an object || I want a create a shape || Give me a shape

What Shape do you want to make?

  • Ex: A blue box || Blue Box
  • Please have the color before the shape
  • Current shape that are allow -- Box, Cylinder, Cone, Torus

Interact with a Shape

  • Play Shape || Play with Shape || I want to play with a shape

Which Shape do you want to play?

  • Ex: Blue Box

What do you want to do with {Blue box}

  • Ex: Position
  • Current Action with shape -- Position

Getting Tweets

  • Twitter {Account Name} {Number of Tweets}
  • Ex: Twitter BillNye 5

Gettting Twitter Insights

  • Insight {Account Name}
  • Ex: Insight BillNye

Getting all the properties of generate shapes

  • Print

Restarting the webpage

  • Restart

List of API:

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