Away From Keyboard


We wanted to create something that anyone can use AFK for chrome. Whether it be for accessibility reasons -- such as for those with disabilities that can't use the keyboard -- or for daily use when you're cooking, our aim was to make scrolling and Chrome browsing easier.

What it does

Our app AFK (away from keyboard) helps users scroll and read, hands off. You can control the page by saying "go down/up", "open/close tab", "go back/forward", "reload/refresh", or reading the text on the page (it will autoscroll once you reach the bottom).

How we built it

Stack overflow and lots of panicked googling -- we also used Mozilla's web speech API.

Challenges we ran into

We had some difficulties scraping the text from sites for the reading function as well as some difficulty integrating the APIs into our extension. We started off with a completely different idea and had to pivot mid-hack. This cut down a lot of our time, and we had troubles re-organizing and gauging the situation.

However, as a team, we all worked on contributing parts to the project and, in the end we were able to create a working product despite the small road bumps we ran into.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

As a team, we were able to learn how to make chrome extensions in 24 hours :D

What we learned

We learned chrome extensions, using APIs in the extension and also had some side adventures with vue.js and vuetify for webapps.

What's next for AFK

We wanted to include other functionalities like taking screen shots and taking notes with the voice.

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