my inspiration is to provide information and alert people about climate change and how it effect our lives in different aspects and make an impact on my environment and society.

What it does

it provide different resources and information about climate change in Afghanistan the climate issues and solutions that are going on to fight climate change in Afghanistan.

How we built it

i use web languages like html, css and JavaScript to crate this project and for coding I use atom editor.

Challenges we ran into

the main challenge was how to start and connect every thing to actually built a website and i over come this challenge by creating a draft first and then i start coding and actually building my website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of creating some thing and actually put my knowledge into work and create some thing that will crate a impact on people.

What we learned

i learned a lot of amazing things like html, css JavaScript languages and I learned how to manage projects and it improve my networking.

What's next for Afghan Climate info

next I want to add a lots of other functionality and features to my project that can provide information not locally but globally provide information about climate change.

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