Inspired by modern personal assistants, our personal assistant was going to be a functional and useful personal assistant to respond to Employee's questions

What it does

Currently now, the bot can communicate with the user, but the corporate data sheet is not yet part of its knowledge base

How we built it

Back End written in Microsoft's Azure Cloud with a Front End written for Slack

How to use

Attached to this post is the slack server link. Contact Morgan to add your email address to the slack so that you can join our slack server and use the bot. Text 2489625755 with your email address

Challenges we ran into

Taking AF Group's data sheet and implementing some sort of search algorithm to find and return specific data using the constraining Azure QnA Maker tool

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At least the bot has a slight sense of humor, and the bot responds to basic queries

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Azure cloud as this was our first time using it. Next time we would spent more time looking for another Azure service to use for the back end rather than the QnA maker because of how limiting QnA maker really is

What's next for AFG Personal Assistant

Hopefully in the future, the personal assistant will actually be able to complete the tasks it was intended to do. Ground was made testing Azure Search, another Azure service which may be able to sort through the data spreadsheet given.

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