After WWDC 2014 and Apple's Swift announcement, I decided that it would be the perfect time to begin learning iOS development. Shortly after I also discovered that Apple provide host a scholarship competition every year so I made it a target to attend in 2015 (which I did!). I used AffordIt as a way to learn Swift and get started!

What it does

The app provides a very simple interface for entering transaction information, tracking budgets and allows them to be viewed from the Apple Watch extension or through notification centre.

Challenges I ran into

As it was my very first app and I didn't use any 3rd party APIs, some of the features such as the currency formatting was a bit of a challenge. I also didn't use Auto Layout or scroll views which really limited what I could do with the views.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed the app in around 2 months, and it ended up being featured in Apple's October 2014 keynote as Craig Federighi was discussing Swift-developed apps.

What I learned

This app gave me all of the knowledge I needed to make a winning WWDC scholarship app that impressed Apple's judges.

What's next for AffordIt

I don't have any plans for updates to AffordIt, however if I ever come back to it in the future I will probably start the project from scratch, as with the new knowledge I have gained, I could create something on an entirely different scale.

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