Blockchain is good compatibility with digital assets like none fungible token (NFT), and financial transactions.

What it does

Affondra is a blockchain application using cosmos-sdk that anyone can use when trading NFT items. Users can sell their NFT item peer to peer, and the person who introduce the items can earn affiliate reward in Affondra market.

How I built it

  • Use starport to build original affondra module
  • Use Vue.js framework.
  • Use firebase-related service(firebase storage, firebase hosting, firebase functions)

Starport is really cool tool to start building cosmos-sdk based chain in local environment.

Challenges I ran into

Short time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Thanks to the useful framework, we can build nice blockchain application within such a short term.

What I learned

We learned many things through this Hackthon.

  • Cosmos-sdk
  • starport
  • how to create module
  • how to use firebase
  • how to use vue.js etc...

What's next for affondra

This is just an beginning.
We will implement more complicated logic using cosmos-sdk!

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