Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative business opportunities. E-commerce makes trading easy and crypto payments makes payments instant and stress free. We combined the three and that is how we came about the name Afflishop.

What it does

Afflishop is an E-commerce platform that seeks to combine with affiliate marketing and web3.

There are three types of accounts users can register for Afflishop with


A vendor is the person that lists items for sale on Afflishop (basically just Ebooks for a start). The vendor is free to place whatever price on his/her product. Vendors are also allowed to select the currency they want to be paid in (just USDT TRC20 accepted for now) Vendors can also set the affiliate commission that affiliates can earn from helping them sell. The affiliate commissions range from 5% to 50% of the listing price. Registration as a vendor costs $20 for now ( a test price that will be increased once we have completed development)

2- Affiliate An affiliate’s job is to help push sales for vendors. An affiliate creates an account, registers with Afflishop and then searches for the items with the best commissions and easy to sell. Once an affiliate sales an item with his/her unique affiliate link, the percentage set by the vendor will arrive his/her affiliate dashboard. Registration as an affiliate costs $10 for now ( a test price that will be increased once we have completed development)

Customers A user can create an account just to buy items, that too is acceptable. Customers need to create an account however customers do not have to pay for registration. Registration as a customer is absolutely FREE. A user can be both an affiliate, a vendor and a customer at the same time.

Referral and Commission - A registered vendor or affiliate can invite others to join Afflishop and he/she will get 50% of their referrals registration fee. That means 50% of $20 for vendor which is $10 referral commission for vendors and 50% of $10 which is $5 for Affiliates (these are test prices which will increase once development is complete, the percentage commission remains same)

How we built it

We started the project by first building a full fledged E-commerce website. Then we built a comprehensive affiliate and referral system then merged it. We are currently implementing the smart contract to contain automatic payment verification after users sign in to their wallet addresses. Details below..

Challenges we ran into

Time and funds. We had very limited time to plan out everything and implement them. The E-commerce is a separate concept, affiliate marketing is another concept then adding web3 to it. Time was just not enough, we will build the rest as we go.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within 1 month and with limited funds, Afflishop has developed the core background functionality of the platform. Users can successfully create an account, register as Affiliates or Vendors. Users can also trade Ebooks on the platform. The affiliate and referral commissions are also 100% functional. The platform is almost ready to use, nevertheless there are still major updates that time won’t permit us to perform during the hackathon period (these updates will come during and after the judging period and if we win, the updates will come a lot faster)

What we learned

Building anything serious requires patience, time and understanding. We understand ourselves in the team and we are ready to take it gently till we have rolled out all the updates.

What's next for AffliShop

1)Clean up and upgrade of the UI. The present UI is not up to the quality we will settle for, this one is a bit rushed because of hackathon deadline time.

2)Live Chart of top Ebooks and volume traded in 24HRS, 7days and all time.

3)Live Chart of top affiliates and affiliate commissions earned in 24HRS, 7days and all time.

4)A restriction preventing customers from sending purchased Ebooks out of the platform. Users own the Ebooks they buy, we agree to that but part of our terms and conditions is that the Ebooks cannot be shared recklessly. The owners of these Ebooks listed them for sale and we want vendors to sell as much as possible, therefore new users will have to buy their own and not collect from their friends free of charge The above update is still under serious debate and consideration, hackathon participants are allowed to give their suggestions

5)Most importantly, the platform uses manual payment verification system for now. However we are writing a smart contract for instant and automated verification. There will be two types of payment system a) Manual - No wallet connection needed, just pay and upload payment screenshot. b) Automatic - Users will need to connect wallet and sign a smart contract that will deduct the payment amount.

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