What is Affinity? Affinity is a new, fun, interactive social platform based on user's real time and location. Upon opening the app you will be connected with the nearest 4 persons who also have the app open, and a group chat will be open. You will remain anonymous during this time and you can send text, images, and sound messages in the group chat.

The Twist Your conversations are completely anonymous within your group. You could be in class talking about how boring the lecture is to 4 rando's and one of them could very well be your professor agreeing with you. However the twist is, your identity is in your hands, at anytime during your group chat you can decide to reveal your identity to people.

Extremely Located Every single conversation on Affinity is logged with latitude and longitude coordinates. And every conversation is accessible to everyone. You could be walking around on your campus and see what people have said in various rooms, and all the juicy secrets and conversations that happened in that room.

Other Possible Scenarios Restaurants At a restaurant? No problem, with a swipe to the right you can see all the conversations that happened there. Hear about the bugs in people's food, which dishes to get, the secret menus and all the details about the place.

Personality Date Tired of the hook-up scene? Maybe you want to figure out people's personality before you reveal what you look like and your identity.

That cute person See that cute person sitting behind you in class? It's easy to connect now, just tell him/her to download the app and start talking anonymously to them.

Parties and Concerts Wanna interact and meet new people at the event you're currently at, it's too easy!

It's too easy Download, login with Facebook, and remain anonymous. Talk with the people near you and with a swipe to the right see all the conversations that took place where you were at.

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