After many years in the commercial market, we searched for better tools to sell. The blockchain offers us a great opportunity to improve affiliate marketing by creating a frictionless relationship between sellers and affiliates.

What it does

A blockchain-based affiliate program that helps sellers sell more while giving the community the best tools and incentives. Affiliates are rewarded automatically and instantly through the use of smart contracts and blockchain

How we built it

Hardhat was used for creating smart contracts with Solidity, while Shopify API was connected and React was used to build the interface, and Wix for building a fast landing page.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't use the Shopify API through the browser, so we wrapped it with our own API. We ran into environmental issues and had to change We had challenges with different libraries Setting up the Shopify development store

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A great experience working with a new team
  • Solving problems in no time
  • API solution

What we learned

  • How to work in a new team
  • How to set a smart contract with a new language and tools
  • Better working with different documentations
  • React
  • Working with Git

What's next for Affilichain

We really think we have something in our hands and would like to continue working on it

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