There are 5 reasons your Infusionsoft-powered referral partner program is failing, and AffiliateDash comes to the rescue.

  1. It is difficult for affiliates to enroll and get started. Enrolling affiliates should be the beginning of a smooth experience that engages affiliates and reinforces your credibility and professionalism.

  2. You're throwing up road blocks for your affiliates to get swipe copy, tracking codes, promotional media and materials. Confusing your partners can easily cause mistakes like picking the wrong link for the wrong banner. Keep it stupid-simple.

  3. Your brand needs more attention. You want to reinforce your messaging, your company look, and even your URL, not the type of affiliate software you use.

  4. Social sharing isn't top of mind. Reduce friction and make sharing easy and immediate across social channels.

  5. Your program lacks motivation. Incentivize your affiliates beyond commissions by controlling and customizing your interactions with partners. Start engaging contests, run leaderboards, award badges and integrate other gamification methods to build excitement around your promotions.

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