An affiliate marketing company called "protueri"

What it does

Helps affiliate check how much money they are making / could make and be able to share this data in a very simple format.

How we built it

I build it using backend php framework "Laravel" as well as front-end framework "bootstrap" combining HTML and CSS. Finally, I build an API to allow external application to be able to work with ours.

Challenges we ran into

Many bugs would take me up to a day to solve. The biggest challenge was meeting the tight deadlines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By the end of this month there will be up to 3000 users and currently we have close to 50. This is because the affiliate marketing company that I build this for has about 3000 affiliates.

What we learned

I learned that building an application this big so fast isn't possible.

What's next for Affiliate Management App

Next, we will be expanding the app to have the ability to be used by companies who have affiliates outside of Protueri.

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