A Distributed Wireless sensor network for continuous remote supervision of Industrial, Scientific, and Medical equipment

Problem and Motivation

  • Laboratories house equipment that contain vital samples, and there’s always a risk of equipment malfunctions and damage to their contents.
  • This risk is increased now that the COVID-19 lockdowns mean less people are in the labs to frequently observe important equipment and tend to maintenance issues.
  • Continuous supervision is desired but is too costly. Leveraging Internet-of-Things technologies, however, enables 24/7 monitoring of crucial equipment status.


Afferent uses a distributed wireless sensor network, made up of sensing nodes, cloud-hosted anomaly detection tools, and a client app for end-user interaction. This design is focused on real-time, low latency, bidirectional data streaming.

System Overview

Continuous Supervision

  • Reduction of Stress

    • Users and researchers can feel at ease when they are away from the lab or workplace with the assurance that they will be able to respond quickly to an alert.
  • Reduction of wasted resources

    • An affected sample means a setback for the researcher, which incurs in a duplication of effort and resources. Afferent allows researchers to act quickly and stay informed.
  • Enable flexibility among essential personnel

    • Remote monitoring of equipment can reduce the number of users within the lab environment while ensuring the stability of equipment.

Team Members:

Norh Asmare, Joel Corporan, and Daniella Corporan

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