A Project Created in 24hrs to detect emotions from a photo and create an aesthetic experience for the user based of the collective emotions detected in the photo.

January 15th Build Folder

Take a look in the 1-15 folder to see the progress!

The Idea

We wanted to make a dynamic responding website that would change depending on the emotions of a user submitted photo to your website.

The goal was to incorporate the aesthetic of vaporwave with calming background text, animated gifs and a relaxing nostalgic feel of Macintosh Plus with a VCR background. Based off the overall mood in the video, this would alter the pitch/tone of the music playing, change the text floating around the screen as well as change the background color to the page.

The Result

We got further than we expected, and we're pleased with what we made in the time allotted.

What was difficult?

Accessing the API and making it cooperate with JavaScript was one of the most challenging parts of the project, which ended up delaying our further plans to improve the functionality of the website.

For reasons to have the proof of concept prepared, we had to hard code in a specific image to be sent to the API, since the jQuery requests were always returning JSON formatting errors.

What are we proud of?

We are proud that we were not only able to connect with a foreign API with no experience, but that we were able to run the cognitive software over multiple faces in the photo simultaneously, which we tested with a crowd photo of up to 40 different faces.

Notes for Users/Those who want to clone the repository.

Microsoft's API resets their access keys daily at 0000hrs, so if you try to run the code we have on our back end you will more than likely receive a Bad Request (400) error, which is because the access key will need to be updated. These keys can be activated from the Microsoft Cognitive API that you will have to register for yourself.

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