In the last years, We witnessed to a Digitalization of arts. Thousands and Thousands of digital oeuvres are sold every year. And.. Probably We are just at the beginning of this worldwide trend. Since We are not only blockchain devs but also Aesthetes and Fine Art lovers, We decided to find a way in order to merge the kind of Art as the humanity have been known for thousands of years (that is the physical one) with this new trend. This is why we have decided to merge fine art and blockchain, through what we called "Phygital Artworks",

What it does

The NFTs visualizer, with which we are applying for this Hackathon, will be an important tool for our project and for all the XRPL NFT world. Typing Issuer Address and NFT Name lets everyone to see the digital artwork directly on your Desktop or Mobile Phone. The user is able also to easily see, through a studied "UI/UX dress", several other info about it like Description, Current Owner, NFT Metadata, that without it maybe he/she will not be able to see.

How we built it

In order to build it, We used react, javascript and node.js.

Challenges we ran into - ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have run into two challenges: The first one was to build the first NFTs Viewer of the World (and it is running on the XRPL); The second one to improve the existing XRPL NFTs standards creating an improve one: the Aesthetes Standard (that we are going to release). The Viewer will let everyone to check if the NFT is minted respecting these improved standard.
The viewer and our improvement will be an opensource.

What we learned

We learned that creating some opensource tools for the whole Community is cool since it lets the whole Community to learn, to grow and to improve. This is why We decided to gift also some of our Aesthetes Digital NFTs to the Community in the following days.

What's next for Aesthetes - XRPL NFTs Viewer

The XRPL NFTs is the first tool dropped by Aesthetes and it is the first part of a bigger NFTs ecosystem that We are building on the XPRL.

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