To provide better and convenient user experience to inexperienced fliers.

What it does

A simulated guidance system starting from the entrance of the airport to the aircraft.

How we built it

We modelled the airport layout using 3DS-Max without using any pre-existing assets and simulated the enter journey path from the airport gate to the boarding gate by providing them first person view 3D simulation of the entire airport checks.

Challenges we ran into

Modelling the airport layout, scraping user data for targeted ads.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete MVP, solving real-life challenge, high growth potential, developed in the sense of high scalability, extremely portable on more than 10 platforms with just a single click while building, marketing models to generate revenue.

What we learned

Integration of unity with WebGL on multiple platforms and making it highly optimised to run on slower network connectivity.

What's next for AeroWalk

To add several other airport layout.

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