Our initial thinking was oriented around the American Airlines challenge. From there, we added our own touch of creativity by thinking of whatever functionality we felt would have made our past trips more satisfying. After many, many hours of deliberation, we finalized about three main features that we wanted to implement.

What it does

The three main features that we implemented in our stand-alone app are flight booking, trip planning suggestions, and flight delay functionality. The idea is that when someone books a flight, lets say one months in advance, then the application lists all events, restaurants, and hotel/lodging that are close to the time and location of arrival at the destination. The user then gets to choose which of the events they want to attend, what restaurants they would like to book reservations for, or what hotels they would like to stay at. Our app adds the event, restaurant, and/or hotel reservation to the user's calendar (back-end in-app) and adds it to their "booked events" list. We then redirect the user to the correct location to complete their booking. In addition, on the day of the flight if there are some delays, then we automatically look at the calendar, find any events that can no longer be attended, and then removes them. The user is notified, as well as any relevant third party (like the restaurant, for example).

How we built it

We used flutter for the app itself. From there we added the google-places API, eventful-API, skypicker-API, and open-table API. These API's gave us the information such as what flight is scheduled (which is found once the user enters some data about his/her flight), what events, restaurants, and hotel/lodging is nearby.

Challenges we ran into

Getting an idea and finding the API's took many, many hours. Also, some of these API's were not in the standard JSON format, so we had some difficulty getting data out of those.In addition, our app's gesture control stopped working for a bit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our API integration within the app. Because of this, all the user needs to do is enter their flight information, and from there we can pull up all the necessary information through the API's.

What we learned

We learned to not spend way too much time thinking about the smaller details of an idea, and instead trying to figure them out as we go along, because we were on a very big time crunch all throughout.

What's next for AeroPlan

From here, we plan on integrating with the American Airlines app, adding our trip planning and scheduling functionality to their app. After that, if possible, American Airlines can partner up with hotels, event coordinators, and restaurants to book directly from the AA app, giving some profits to AA while also providing additional customer convenience.

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