Aerolib Healthcare Solutions is introducing the Aerolib Learning Management System: an On-demand E-learning system for Clinical and Regulatory education for Physicians, Physician Advisors, Case managers, Utilization Review personnel and Hospital Administration that is based on Aerolib`s successful education methodology of Disease Specific Documentation Improvement. The Aerolib Learning Management System is an optimized e-learning on demand platform with the following courses: Current Topics • Introduction to Aerolib Healthcare Solutions • Clinical and Regulatory Review: COPD • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Sepsis • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Acute Kidney Injury • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Pneumonia • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Congestive Heart Failure • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Seizures • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Abdominal pain • Clinical and Regulatory Review: TIA and Syncope • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Atrial Arrhythmias • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Chest pain • Clinical and Regulatory Review: UTI • Clinical and Regulatory Review: Back Pain • HCCs: Hierarchical Condition Categories • Acute respiratory failure • Case analysis for Audits • 3 D Mapping of Clinical Data to Improve Clinical Documentation • Physician Advisor Basics • Anatomy of a Medical Record • Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice • Condition Code 44 Decision Tree • Resistance to Change • Value Proposition of a Physician Advisor program • E/M Documentation basics • The art of Auditing • Developing an Emergency Clinical Peer Review program

New videos are added periodically with Jan 2017 courses including Cellulitis: Clinical and Regulatory Review and two video webinar recordings with Bob Soltis, Former ALJ, Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals on Dealing with new Healthcare Regulatory changes. The core of the Aerolib Learning management system is our clinical and regulatory education based on disease specific documentation improvement to ensure that the education is compliant with the upcoming MACRA and MIPS quality improvement components that will affect up to 9% changes in reimbursement till 2022, a revenue preservation of about 1.5 million dollars annually on the top 12 DRGs for hospitals and providing up-to-date regulatory and denial prevention education to the healthcare staff. Each course on the Aerolib Learning Management System has modules with discussion on real case scenarios with what if analysis, clinical diseases with focus on pathophysiology and documentation tips with special focus on risk adjustment on hierarchical risk adjustment categories, comorbid conditions and major comorbid conditions. The Aerolib dashboard has skills modules which covers the documentation tips to formulate a complete record based on the disease process, new concepts in coding, billing and audit prevention, CMS and commercial insurances regulatory requirements, analysis of real case scenarios with emphasis on proper documentation and links to the evidence based guidelines. We will focus on the following points in our Clinical and Regulatory Review presentation on specific diseases • Current regulations, • Cases and documentation with ICD 10 education in discussions • Audit improvement strategies • Process review and development • Education of staff on appropriate use of screening criteria • Organizational process for reviewing and referring for PA review

Our service is a new technology that answers the need for hospitals access to clinical and regulatory education. Our technology provides an improvement over current quality of care for a health disparity population by overcoming one or more of the barriers for all hospitals:

• Knowledge barriers by providing hospitals a level playing field in clinical and regulatory compliance education • Infrastructure barrier- Aerolib Learning Management System is an on-demand e-learning platform with the content in a cloud based format which easily accessible by all stakeholders in their laptops, personal computers and smart phones with an internet connection. There is no need for costly servers or hospital IT department asset allocation • Physical Barriers-there is no need to send hospital providers to costly educational seminars with cost of registration, travel and lodging to get up-to-date regulatory education

The Aerolib Learning Management System is an innovative product and service that facilitates and enhances care coordination between primary care providers, hospital emergency department staff, specialty physicians, nurse practitioners, providers of mental health and behavioral health services, patient navigators, etc., in medically underserved communities and regions. It is a culturally attuned low-cost technology that empower and promote opportunities for individuals and communities to engage in health-seeking behaviors. It provides culturally appropriate, evidence-based health empowering promotion and disease prevention educational media such as webinars, informational videos and printed materials for providers of health disparities populations and disadvantaged communities.

Technical Features You can log on as a learner and add your picture and information in the profile settings with adjustment of language and time zone The dashboard has skills modules which cover various topics like CMS 1599, Pneumonia, COPD, chest pain and other DRGs which occur in most hospitalizations. You can scroll down to see more topics like Sepsis, UTI, and GI hemorrhage. Each module covers the documentation tips to formulate a complete record based on the disease process, new concepts in coding, billing and audit prevention, CMS and commercial insurances regulatory requirements, analysis of real case scenarios with emphasis on proper documentation and links to the evidence based guidelines Clicking on a skill will take you to the skills page which will inform you of the courses, levels, credit requirements, credits earned and completion percentage. Your timeline will show the courses you are enrolled and clicking on them with open the course module with core content as a self-paced or activity. The core content consists of video presentations, links and PowerPoint slides. Clicking on a video presentation will open the fluidic player and start the video presentation which you can complete in a self-paced schedule. The registered user can consume a course in off-line mode when you access the content through iPad and Android tabs. You can compare your learning points with your peers. Hover the mouse over the profile circle. You can view your own points here. Click Go to Leaderboard to view the Leaderboard dialog. In this dialog, you can view the list of your peers around the similar rank as you. Aerolib introduces one of the latest e-Learning concepts called Badges for healthcare provider education. Badges help learners to better define themselves and showcase their granular set of skills in addition to bringing credibility and good visibility. A list of badges acquired by the learner appears at the top of the page. Badges are assigned to learners based on a specific criteria which is generally a successful completion of a course or any learning object. You can download and proudly show on your social media profile. Visit to know about the Aerolib Learning Management System.

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